Yes, Ontario Shrimp!

Pacific White Shrimp Responsibly Raised in Aylmer, Ontario

We are now serving the Toronto GTA & Surrounding Regions.

No Antibiotics. No Pesticides. No Hormones. No Nonsense.


Responsibly Raised Shrimp

Our shrimp are raised in purified clear water that’s re-circulated and filtered every 90 minutes and contain no antibiotics, no pesticides, no hormones, and no harmful chemicals. We are committed to minimizing our footprint of by-product and waste. Our farm operates exclusively indoors so no wildlife or by-catch is destroyed.

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A Proud Canadian Innovation

Planet Shrimp’s inland farm implements proprietary design, software and standardized production techniques developed through decades of experience to deliver a premium product to our customer base.

Planet Shrimp uses state of the art environmental control technologies to regulate every possible variable, including but not limited to temperature, humidity and mineral nutrients. We do not use chemicals, antibiotics, pesticides, or hormones. Instead, our farm employs stringent bio-security measures to prevent airborne contaminants.

Each tank has clean water that is recycled and passed through several filters on 90 minute intervals to destroy harmful bacteria.

Planet Shrimp is Ocean Wise™ endorsed. As an inland farm, Planet Shrimp is on a mission to minimize our global footprint and maximize our sustainability. We reduce consumption by using clear-water recirculating systems, ensure that ocean wildlife is preserved by growing inland, and eliminate the by-catch associated with outdoor shrimp farming.

Our production process has been specifically refined to grow healthy, clean shrimp, harvesting a fresh crop on a schedule we can predict in real-time.